Iligan city best food and restaurants

The Best Food in Iligan: How to Find the Perfect Restaurant for Your Tastes

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Iligan is a city in the Philippines. It is located on the northern part of the island of Mindanao and it has a population of over 200,000 people. The city is known for its delicious food and it has a variety of dishes to offer tourists. Below are the best restaurants in Iligan in different categories. All restaurants listed below offer food deliveries anywhere in Iligan through Maxim, FoodPanda, and other independent food delivery services.

Best Restaurants in Iligan with Filipino Lutong-Bahay Food

  • Tita Fannies
    Located at Consunji Street, Poblacion. One of the best sellers is their Fish Kinilaw.
  • Am’s Chicken House
    Enjoy Filipino cuisine at Am’s Chicken Haus. At this place, visitors can order good fried chicken, seafood and salads.
  • Tedts
    A tiny storefront at the heart of the city that offers a selection of Filipino-style meals, original hot sandwiches and rich pasta dishes.
  • Jacko’s Kan-anan
    Jacko’s Kan-anan is a casual restaurant, offering eclectic Filipino cuisine and warm hospitality in a relaxing dining feel without pinching your pocket.

Best Restaurants in Iligan with Chinese Food

  • Lai-lai Restaurant
    Good dining place for your group that offers asian noodles, chicken salad, and seafood soup.
  • Appetina
    Cozy place, great selection of food but prices are reasonable. Shrimp and other seafood dishes are a must try.
  • House of Yang
    The house of Yang is like the Mandarin of today. They offer mostly Chinese food but there are other (some) Filipino and other Asian cuisines.

Best Dessert Shops in Iligan

  • Pipie Co
    Serves the best pies, bread, cakes, and pastries in Iligan. They are conveniently located at Tibanga Highway, Iligan.
  • Aruma Cafe
    The coffee is great and it is a nice place with light and refreshing dessert. The interior is airy and spacious.
  • Zoey Cafe
    Zoey Café is a service-oriented restaurant that has been serving the people of Iligan City for over eight (8) years. 

The Iligan City is known for its delicious, mouth-watering food. The city has a lot of restaurants that offer different cuisines and flavors.

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